Move-In or Check-In Inspections: Everything You Need to Know

Move-in or check-in inspections are so important on so many levels for both sides of a rental property negotiation. There’s a lot that goes in to them and a lot you must know prior to signing a contract.

We know you’ve read about these terms or heard about them while talking to us or another manager, and you probably have a few questions. That’s what we’re here for! (more…)

Negotiating a Rental Lease

By clearly setting expectations and having a clear agreement on what the terms are, misunderstandings and subsequent issues are greatly reduced.

As we explored in our last post Submitting a Great Rental Application, negotiating a lease should take place during the application process.  First, you want to be sure you are positioned to negotiate.  Are you a qualified applicant? Is the house available for you to move into in two weeks or less? Is the home overpriced? Is the home outdated or does it have unique design choices?  If you answered yes to any of these questions, you may be in a position to negotiate. (more…)

Deferring Maintenance

Home Maintenance ImportanceDeferring maintenance can be one of the costliest moves a landlord can make in the long term.  It’s important to stay on top of minor repairs for a variety of reasons.  The most important thing is to stop what is now a small repair from becoming a big, expensive repair.  That loose screw in the storm door can mean the door can be ripped off in heavy winds.  Failure to address that minor leak promptly can mean a ceiling falling down and in conjunction, require mold remediation.  These are real-life examples of how a repair that would have been less than $100 turned into a cost of several hundred dollars.  (more…)

VRLTA: What You Need to Know

VRLTA: What You Need to Know

The Virginia Residential Landlord and Tenant Act was passed in 1974 to streamline certain elements of rental law.  Most people associate VRLTA with being more “tenant friendly”.  While the act does protect tenants in ways common law leases had not previously, there are also many cases where VRTLA makes it easier for landlords to evict tenants.  The act was designed to settle landlord and tenant disputes in a fair and efficient way; favoring neither side. (more…)

10 Landlord Tax Deductions to Maximize Rental Profits

Peake Management BlogWhile Benjamin Franklin might have said that “in this world nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes,” at Visio Lending we like to take a more positive spin and amend this quote to nothing can be certain except for death and tax deductions. Landlords know all too well about Schedule E for individually owned properties and Form 8825 for properties owned through a partnership. Luckily, if you keep meticulous records of your expenses, every tax season you can take advantage of these ten deductions (which can really add up):