Why Use a Professional Manager?


Concept of real estate presented on a mobile device.Professional property managers allow you to focus your time on what you do best. We reduce the daily headaches that can stem from owning rental property. Would you like someone else to take the maintenance and emergency calls? Someone to make those uncomfortable calls about delinquent rents? Would clear monthly and annual statements with all of the income and expenses make your year-end tax filings much easier? Would it provide peace of mind to receive inspection reports regarding the condition of the property? Would it help to budget for ongoing maintenance?

As your property manager, we’ll do all of this for you.

Our mission is to provide exceptional, consistent property management services to our clients and to provide courteous and prompt responses to their tenants. We want to make ownership of rental property easier.

In 2016, we partnered with Better Homes & Gardens Real Estate Premier to handle the marketing of our managed rental properties while we focus on management. Why? As a large, nationwide corporation just coming into the Washington metro area, BHGRE has excellent training for the agents and far greater exposure for all of our listings. More exposure means better marketing and shorter time on the market, with properties renting at better prices. The more exposure you get, the more likely you are to draw a qualified prospect. It’s been an excellent partnership.

As property managers, we are very conservative in processing applications and have a very consistent qualifying policy. We still process all of the applications & leases. While checking references and credit cannot tell you everything about an individual, nearly 98% of our tenants pay on time. That’s important! Our monthly online statements are easy to read and provide a complete accounting of the rent received and the expenses paid. With the volume of work that we do, we can often command lower prices on work than an individual can. The goal is to save you as much money as we can, while still maintaining your investment in your home.

Why Peake in Particular?

Peake has been specializing in property management since 1982. Throughout that time, we have been changing and evolving.  We work to use the latest technology to improve service and efficiency for you.  We continue to grow and see many repeat military and foreign service clients.

We cannot guarantee perfection, but we sure strive for it. Geoff Clopton is the VP of Operations and runs the day-to-day activities at Peake. Lindsey Peake remains a very hands-on manager and her door is always open.

How Do I Sign Up?

Contact Geoff Clopton (Geoff@peakeinc.com to set up an appointment.  All of our sign-up forms are available here.

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