Why Should I Rent from Peake Management, Inc.?

Do you want your home to feel like it’s your own, yet with a concierge to help take care of coordinating all the repairs? That’s our goal. We want you to thoroughly enjoy living in the home you rent through Peake in a house that is in good condition and nicely maintained. As is true with all property management companies, all major expenses and repairs must be approved by the landlord in advance, and that can take time. However, those nuisance repairs are taken care of as quickly as possible. Peake Management wants you to be happy and comfortable in your rental home. We can’t control everything, but we want to work with you for many years to come. We know that requires being responsive.

Northern Virginia Home Rentals”Have an emergency? We have a 24-hour answering service to respond to your call, with friendly contractors who are ready to assist you in the case of an emergency any time, day or night. The contractors we use are professional, licensed and bonded. You are not alone when working with Peake Management.

Everything is mobile! Pay your rent or submit a work order from the Peake Property Management App on your phone. You can communicate with your property manager by text too!

Need reminders on when your season responsibilities are due? We send timely newsletters outlining all the chores. They’re explained in detail in our Tenant Handbook, which also helps explain your lease obligations in depth, but the newsletters are great reminders.

How Do I Rent A Home from You?

Our managed properties are marketed through Better Homes & Gardens Premier, but any agent from any company can show you any property that is listed on MRIS.  Feel free to work with whomever you like and include Peake-managed homes in the search for the perfect new home for your family in Northern Virginia. The choice of property managers can make a difference in how much you enjoy your home.

It’s easy to apply once you find a home you’re interested in moving into. Once you’re on our website, click on Rentals, then click on the actual property. Hit Apply and then follow the straightforward directions and enter all your information.  It’s just that simple. To apply to rent a home in Northern Virginia with our property managers. 

We’ll run your credit, verify your employment, income and rental references. The summary is submitted to the owner of the home for final approval. Landlords can all set their own criteria, but our general minimum qualifying guidelines are:

General Guidelines Are:

  • Income must exceed 40 times the monthly rent.
Maximum of two incomes considered for qualifying.
  • The two lowest incomes are used.

  • Minimum two-year job history at qualifying income
  • Minimum two-year rental or mortgage history.
  • Good credit.

If there is an issue with meeting any of the requirements, the landlord is under no obligation to accept the application, but if he’d like to go forward, he can choose to request a higher security deposit or prepaid rent from you as security. It’s your choice to accept his request or not. Pets, if a landlord accepts them, require an extra deposit.

It takes a couple of business days to process a lease. As soon as the landlord makes a decision, we will immediately contact your agent to let you know if your application has been accepted. All communication is supposed to go through your agent since they are responsible for the listing. We do the back-office portion of the application processing.

Will I Sign A Lease?

Absolutely, you’ll sign a lease. It’ll have all of the obligations you are agreeing to, so make sure that you read it thoroughly. You’re responsible for everything you’re signing. We’re happy to answer any questions. The lease is the standard Northern Virginia lease and we cannot make significant changes to it.

As it true with everything we do, you’ll sign the lease electronically.

We want to make the home rental process easy and concise, from finding a home, applying and signing the lease.

Are you a group of friends that are applying for a house? Definitely write a separate agreement between yourselves that details your arrangement and who pays what. This will protect you. Under the law, the lease document considers all of you as one entity and each of you are fully responsible for the whole lease, not the 25% you may be paying. As a tenant, you don’t have recourse under the lease for another tenant, so write up a document to clearly identify everyone’s financial responsibilities. It doesn’t have to be complicated, just good advice.

What About Utilities?

At almost all properties, you’re fully responsible for the utilities. The set-up process is incredibly easy with the Mobile Concierge Service. You can schedule all utilities from one portal, including paying your future bills. We will let you know which utility companies you need to contact. Schedule your utilities early. In the busy season, it can take them a week or more to get the utilities on, and we turn them off at your lease start date. It’s tough to live in a home without utilities!

The Mobile Concierge Service can do so much more too – schedule your packers, your movers, your renter’s insurance. It’s a great, free service for our tenants. Contact the top-rated Virginia property management company for more information.

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