What Our Clients Are Saying

Extremely satisfied with their performance
Peake Management was recommended to me by a colleague and I have been extremely satisfied with their performance. I have worked with Peake Management for over 15 years and I have been impressed with its talented staff of property managers and a vast network of contractors who are able to meet any emergency or perform a wide variety of home and garden improvements. I look forward to working with Peake Management in the future

The property manager everyone deserves!
I want to thank you for all your hard work and patience. The job you did was tedious and complicated with both myself as the owner, the tenant, your contractor, the listing agent and their contractor, not to mention the downstairs neighbor, and dealing with the condo’s management.
I have to say, you are the property manager everyone deserves: patient, professional, responsive, meticulous, and efficient. You went above and beyond and were unspeakably gracious when dealing with my detail oriented craziness (not to mention my entirely ridiculous back and forth regarding the washer).
I am not sure if I can express my appreciation enough for your efforts now and over the years you have been my property manager. Just please know that watching from a distance as you dealt so expertly with all the moving pieces gradually made a lot of my stress and anxiety concerning the preparation for sale of the property fade away.

Responded very quickly!
Our project manager responded very quickly and our issues were fixed in a timely manner. I really appreciate the great service from Jackie!

Thanks so much for all of your help.
Thanks so much for all of your help. We couldn’t be happier about your thoroughness and proactivity on all matters and keeping us informed on everything. You made the process much easier.

Thanks for taking care of us so quickly
Thanks for taking care of us so quickly. We have always had quick responses from Peake Management. They take care of us quickly and properly. The people that come over are polite and professional. Thanks again!!

A Gem to Work With!
Thank you for everything these last couple of years! You have truly been a gem to work with!!

A Blessing!
You have been a blessing in dealing with these tenants. I really appreciate Peake’s assistance.

Attentive, detail oriented and just wonderful!
My husband and I have been clients of Peake Management since 1999. They have managed 4 properties for us in Northern Virginia. They have provided us with outstanding service, which is why we have continued to use them. We work for the US government and must spend a lot of time out of the United States. We own three properties in Northern Virginia and must rely on Peake Management to oversee our homes when we are abroad. I have nothing but wonderful things to say about Peake Management. We have never had a bad experience with Peake. They are attentive, detail oriented and just wonderful! They have overseen large projects for us like the replacement of the roof on our home. I highly recommend that you use Peake! You will not regret it!

Fantastic Job
I engaged Peake after a terrible experience with another property manager. They did a fantastic job in managing my home in northern Virginia when I was assigned overseas, always keeping me informed of developments.

Constant Attention
Thanks for following up with the tenant. We’re very happy to hear things are working out. … We really appreciate your constant attention to the issues and this is a marked difference in the responsiveness we saw with our previous property manager. Thanks a bunch, chat shortly.

A Great Experience Overall
I have been very pleased working with Peake, managing my property in Virginia. As I have been residing in Texas and can’t easily get to my Reston townhouse, my expectations of a property manager are pretty high. My expectations include excellent communications, diligence in not “dropping” any items, and an ability to provide sound advice. My Peake property manager has met all of these expectations and, in addition, has built strong relationships with our home owner associations personnel (who are tough customers), my tenant, and myself. Peake has gone above and beyond to handle my needs. You are well-suited to have them as your property manager.

I just wanted to take a few minutes to extend my gratitude to you and Samantha for helping us get this property. Being renters for the first time since college I didn’t realize how hard it would be to find a place. This property on Nimbleton turned out to be perfect for our family! Not only was it the only place my husband and I agreed on, but after looking at 12 or so properties it was the only one that even remotely felt like home. Not to mention our son loves it and with all of the carpet it doesn’t even hurt him when he falls trying to walk. And since we’ve moved in he walks around with the biggest smile on his face :). Having to sell our home was emotional for me, but I love this home so much that it has made it so much easier. I also know that you and Samantha went over and beyond for us to process our application so quickly so we could move in asap, like we needed. I can’t express to you enough how happy I am and how thankful I am for your help.

Always Available
I wanted to send a letter of thanks to Peake for managing our property for the three years while we were away. We are back and taking up residence once more and this morning met with our property manager at our home. We are pleased with how our house looks. We especially appreciate our property manager’s assistance. She was always available to both us and to our renters. She is a true professional, knowledgeable and helpful. Should we have a need again for a property manager, we will certainly be in touch. Thank you so much for everything!

Thank you very much for your assistance and professionalism yesterday. Peake is truly a fantastic management company, and my husband and I look forward to working with you all in the coming years with our . . . Falls Church property. My father-in-law let me know that Peake inspected the . . . Springfield home this morning. Thank you for getting that moving, literally within 24 hours.” “Lindsey–Hope this note finds you well. Before additional time passes by, I wanted to express my sincere thanks to you and Chip. The level of professionalism exhibited by your firm to date has been remarkable.

Excellent Service
Dear Jackie–As always, thank you for your diligence and excellent service

Quick Responses
[We] would like to thank Peake for the great management of our property. We were always very pleased with the quick responses that we received from you to our telephone calls or e-mails.

As Always
Excellent and nice job as always.

Eternally Grateful
Thank you so very much for looking over our property in McLean this past 12 years. We are eternally grateful for the care and attention [Jackie] gave to our house

Peake Management has been great with their professional staff. Thank you!!!”

Prompt with Communication
“We worked with Miranda. She was very helpful, competent, and prompt with communication. It has been excellent so far.”

Responsive and Professional
“This has been the best rental experience I’ve had in 25 years. The staff is responsive and professional.”

“Over the many years that I have resided at my current address I have always found Peake Management accommodating and responsive. Highly recommend!!”

Fantastic Job
“Excellent service! The best choice when we decide to rent the property. Most friendly and professional staff you can ask for.” – Lauren Traverso

“Jackie has been our property manager for years, we are impressed with her talent in working with tenants/ She is adept in handling situations and we appreciate that she keeps us well informed.”

Fantastic Property Manager
“Miranda was a fantastic property manager. We got quick, personal responses to any questions or concerns. She was great about giving progress reports about assessments being done after a huge branch of an oak tree in our backyard and other smaller issues. Thank you!!”

Excellent Relationship
“I have had an excellent relationship with Peake Management for over twenty five years. The staff is extremely staff professional. Highly recommend this company.”

Thrilled to be a part of the family
“From the beginning i was impressed with the prompt contact/Arrival and courteous service. I was blown away by how friendly and how they truly made an effort to make sure you felt a part of the “Peake Management Family” because they aren’t a huge corporation they can take the time to patiently listen to my concerns and answer all of my questions and I know they will be available for me if and when I should need their assistance. Quickly passed along my requests to the owner and responded back to me posthaste. Minor updates which needed to be made to the lease were done while I waited there was no ridiculous rescheduling waiting period . I literally could not be happier with them and am thrilled to be a part of the family.”

Outright and Sincere
“The staff is always kind and the replies to our needs are really prompt and effective. The relationship between my family and the property manager is outright and sincere. All extremely professional been a overall great experience working with Peake Management.”

Extremely Satisfied
“I am extremely satisfied with Peake Management, the entire staff is professional and polite. The vendors they use to work on my property were efficient and i see why they were chosen to get the job done. Peake management took care of all and any problems that had occurred in a timely manner. Appreciate the business for all that is has done for me, thanks again!”

“Courtney is by far the most professional property manager I have encountered. She is efficient and on top of things. We have been very happy with her work and those of her vendors.”

A True Testament
“Thanks to Peake after 10 years of managing our property, it still looks really nice and well kept as if we were still living there. A true testament of them keeping up with the renters and finding good people to stay in our home.”

“Lindsey Peake and her team at Peake Management have done a phenomenal job for us. We are a U.S. Foreign Service family posted abroad and solicited her help in a crisis situation with our managed-by-owner home back in Arlington, VA (burst pipes, significant water damage, unhappy tenants, and more). While most would have backed away from this very difficult situation, Lindsey’s instinct to help (despite, she confessed, her better judgement in this case) and her excellent management and interpersonal skills kicked into gear and she and her staff pulled us through a very difficult period of repairs and change-over in tenants. The house is in better-than-ever shape now and is newly-rented to what promise to be excellent tenants. We are extremely appreciative and owe Lindsey a real debt of gratitude. Her team is also top-notch–Craig, Courtney and others, willing and able to handle myriad challenges and details in a timely fashion. My husband and I would recommend Peake Management to others unhesitatingly, in the highest terms.”

All Are Excellent
“During these years we work with several people. All are excellent, Jackie is the last one and she is wonderful. Just keep the same good service. Thanks”

Thank you for all you’ve done.
“Jennifer and I are grateful for your professionalism over the past 5 years in managing our property. We were very comfortable knowing you were running the show and wish you the best! If we need property management again in the future, we’ll call Peake based on our experience with you.”